Do you know how to maintain mask production equipment?

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As the two-child policy fall to the ground, a boost to domestic economic growth, the unlimited potential of maternal and infant industry better release, maternal and infant industry as a blue ocean industry, has a unique advantage and policy, trillions of consumer market impact from mother to child, maternal and infant rapid development era has come, maternal and infant industry in the coming decades will be one of the most promising industry.

The good domestic market prospect of maternal and infant products also directly drives the demand for maternal and infant products, such as baby food, toys, daily necessities, etc. According to the relevant survey data, domestic infant consumption reached 100 billion yuan. Among them, the nursing products are higher than the overall infant and child consumer products. So this section becomes a lot of people's sweet pastry, and as a maternal and child dealers, so how to choose the maternal and child care products to be operated?

Me-0209 small bear print folding three-dimensional infant mask

Brief introduction:

BFE99%, three-layer infant folding mask, green bear print, lovely and beautiful design, exquisite packaging. For medical care, school, public transportation and general family protection, suitable for infants aged 1-5 years.

Product parameters


Purchase cases of maternal and infant products dealers:

Trade co., LTD. Mainly deals in maternal and baby products, acting as agent for many famous brand products at home and abroad in the region.

Folding stereoscopic masks for infants, in line with the company's procurement requirements for baby masks. The department for the department label production of mama mimiya brand infant mask.

Cooperation supply date: 2018

Products: baby stereoscopic masks for children

Customer feedback/evaluation: good product quality, accurate delivery time, will continue to cooperate.

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