RP-200 small eliquid bottle filling machine

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Bespacker RP-200 small eliquid bottle filling machine

110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Filling range
Filling Accuracy
Air pressure
Machine weight

The advantage of products details

RP  series numerical control liquid filling machine uses micro-computer to  control themini-pump on filling time and the rotation rate of electric  motor so tthat the machine can fill the liquid fluently and at high  accuracy.It is widely used in medical,chemistry,food,bervage,oil and  cosmetics,etc.It is suitable for filling low-viscous liquid without  pellets.

Separated  with the electric motor,the pump is made of a variety of anti-corrosion  imported material.There is no mechanical metal part or abrasion inside  the pump.The pump can stand oil,heat,acid,alkali,abrasion and chemical  products.This pump integrates the advantage of self-suck pump and  chemical pump.It can self suck,heat protect,stable working and  continuous idle or load operate for long time.

Feature of RP-200

1. Import single-chip m icrocomputer control, high efficiency, low power consumption.
2. Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantiy.
3. LCD display, touch screen is very easy to operate.
4. High filling accuracy.
5. Electric type.
6. Working performance is stable and can be used for long time.
7. This can self- suck the liquid.
8. The pump can stand acid and alkali.
9. Anti-dripping design.
10. Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meet GMP requirement.

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